The Role of Colour in Your Design

Whether we’re talking graphic design, web design or mobile app design, colour has a central role in every aspect. The colours which you choose will shape your design, and indeed your brand as a whole. When thinking about your overall strategy, spend some time thinking about the use of colour in your branding, as chances are it will keep cropping up in all of your advertising material and you’ll want a sense of consistency throughout.
Brands become intrinsically linked to their chosen colour schemes, and whatever it is that you’re designing, it should be recognisable as belonging to you. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in-your-face, as long as it is there, reinforcing the connection between what a consumer is looking at and who is responsible for it.
Always retain clarity. Whatever colour scheme you choose to use, don’t let it detract from your message. The purpose of a web or app design is to engage people with your brand, and usually, ultimately, to sell. The colours can be as bold as you like, as long as the message stands out.
If you do decide to use a bold colour, use it to make a statement. Brands who have chosen to use bold colours will often use them almost to excess in all of their advertising, emphasising them wherever they can. It can give your brand a personality, and will certainly make it recognisable.
Simple can be just as effective, however. Don’t get tricked into thinking that bright is always best. Minimal designs which make selective use of colour can look stylish, and will stand out from the crowd.
Whatever colour scheme it is that you decide to use, you can make it work for you. If the strategy and design are right, they’ll do great things for your brand.