The Importance of Typography

Typography is a central part of shaping user experience, and its importance shouldn’t be underestimated. Put simply, typography is how words look, and how they are arranged on a web page or printed page in order to communicate. It used to concern handwritten materials, but now the field of typography is largely digital.

It might be useful to think about typography as part of the fabric of the overall design. It’s something which can’t be separated out; it has an important role in conveying the message and creating the lasting impressions which are formed.

If you’re starting out with a new company, it is worthwhile having a think about your branding and the part which typography will play within this before you start to produce logos and promotional materials. One of the most important aspects of typography is consistency and you don’t want to be changing half way through or it will look messy, unprofessional and uncaring. Choose a font which represents your business and its personality. One of the reasons successful businesses look so professional is the careful way in which they manage their typography, keeping it consistent everywhere.

Typography is such an integral part of how your brand communicates and of course, you want your communication to be clear. Messy and thoughtless typography will make for poor legibility. Anything which you produce in relation to your business should be immediately clear and striking. To avoid alienating your audience, pay close attention to typographical elements.