The Importance of Concept Design

Concept design is an essential early stage in the process of producing a product design. This stage will develop the ideas that an inventor or business has in mind, exploring them further and beginning to test them out to see whether they meet with expectations.

During the concept design process, you will be able to build up your product specification and work out what is important to its success. Your designer will be able to produce CAD designs and concept renders that can show your product in amazing levels of detail. You can tweak these together to make sure the product looks and functions as it needs to. Once you’re happy with the renders, you can move on to the prototyping stage.

If you’re working with a dedicated design professional, they will be able to help you with the concept design process and will be able to inform you of its importance. Concept design is all about developing and progressing your design idea, so if a designer is able to properly capture your vision in their designs, you’ve probably found the right design partner for you.