Prioritising Your Website’s User Experience

The number one goal of any business’s website is ultimately to convert visitors into customers. Often you’ll find that a website will not pursue this goal to the exclusion of any other goal, afterall, every website still needs to reach people in the first place, but it still makes a lot of sense to prioritise it.

Optimising your website’s user experience typically comes down to simplifying the navigation and making it more obvious. This works towards lessening any frustration your users experience, but this is by no means the end of the optimisation process. A few other things to look into are:

  • Measuring and improving page loading speed.
  • Answering Questions about your products and your industry that people might be asking on search engines.
  • Looking for Validation by, for instance, offering on-site and off-site reviews of your products and providing your social media information.

The goal of any website is to convert, but once you’ve taken all of the things into account you need to in order to satisfy the needs of a wide variety of customers it isn’t such as simple matter. The best decision you can make in this area is to hire a web developer/designer to help you analyse and improve upon what you have already, as a lot of the improvements require complicated tools and web-development knowledge to get right.