Mobile Phone Size and App Design

Mobile phones have become a staple, everyday product for so many people now. Gone are the days when they used to be so big they weren’t even easily transportable – pocket-sized devices have been around for years. However, there is one definite trend which is prevalent at the moment, and it’s becoming increasingly likely that it’s going to catch on long term: screens are getting bigger.

Numerous devices are being designed with a far bigger screen size, and we’re seeing the emergence of the ‘phablet’ on a larger scale – that is, a mobile phone which is nearing the size of a tablet computer.

This will open up a whole new discourse amongst app designers, who will need to take these new smart phone trends into consideration when carrying out their work. A bigger screen will have implications on the graphics and the kinds of designs which are created. It could go a long way to improving user experience, allowing designers new scope when putting together their designs.

Perhaps the most major implication comes with the way in which devices will be used in future. Currently most people will use their thumbs to operate the screen, and apps are designed based on this. However, larger screen sizes could see the emergence of people holding their phone in one hand and operating it with the other, or even using a stylus. This is bound to have an affect on the way in which apps are optimised for use in future.