Mobile App UI: What to Consider

The user interface of a mobile app is to do with its design, and the way in which a user can interact with it. It encompasses functions such as colour, display screens and app responses. There are some important aspects of UI which have to be right in order for an app to function well and look good.

Firstly, it’s especially important that your app is as user-friendly as possible in terms of its accessibility. Whilst your app is likely to be aimed at a certain group of people, their ability to use a mobile phone is still going to vary. Your UI will need to be clear enough for those who aren’t as experienced using a mobile device, but not boring for those who are more adept. The best way to do this is to make it highly efficient. This will be useful for beginners, because they will achieve their expected result, but experienced users won’t get bored of waiting around for things to happen.

Simplicity is often key. If there’s too much going on, users will get bored of trying to work out what’s what and won’t persevere. Some of the best UI designs are simple and striking, making good use of colour. For example, you might want to use one colour which stands out and can play a fundamental role in app navigation.

Get designers involved from an early stage so that you can see mockups. Ideas may seem promising, but often they’re just not practical in reality. It’s better to work on your concepts with a designer sooner rather than later, so that you can get your UI right without having to re-do all your hard work.