Maintaining Good Client Relationships Throughout the Design Process

When working as a web or graphic designer, working with clients and keeping them happy is an essential part of the job. So how can you make sure they’re completely satisfied with what you’re doing? Here, we have put together some of our top tips for making sure your clients buy into your design work:

  • Stick to the brief. Get as much detail as you can from your clients, from the very beginning. If something isn’t completely clear, a quick phone call is best to clear things up.
  • Stay in touch. Make sure the client is kept in the loop throughout the design process. Get them in for regular meetings if you can – some things are just easier to discuss face to face. You’ll be able to explain specific aspects of your design and gauge their reactions in person.
  • Don’t be afraid to give your advice. Whilst it is your client’s design, they will respect you as a professional and will appreciate your input.
  • Be honest. If something isn’t going to work, tell them outright. It’s better than beating about the bush and ending up with an unhappy client. Explain things clearly without being overly technical and manage their expectations accordingly.
  • Be enthusiastic. If you really like their ideas and their business, tell them. They will be happy that they’ve chosen to work with the right person if they feel as though you are really getting behind their design ideas.

Managing professional relationships is never easy, buy it’s important to have a good working relationships within the world of design. Keep the client happy and they can turn into an excellent customer for you. Happy clients spread the word about you as a designer, helping you with the difficult task of brand awareness.