How to Succeed as a Designer

Working in the graphic design industry is very competitive and there are going to be a number of people wanting any one job. Here are some top tips to help you succeed in the world of design:

  1. Create work that you’re proud of. If you’re happy with your work and feel confident in it, your clients will be more likely to pick up on this positive vibe.
  2. Don’t undervalue yourself. Charge a price which you feel truly represents your worth as a designer as there is nothing worse than feeling underpaid and under-appreciated. People who feel this way are bound to see an impact on their work.
  3. Know about the design industry as a whole. This will help to inform your work but it will also help you to be a savvy business person.
  4. Try to work with clients face-to-face. Email correspondence, and even phone calls, can get confusing and might be misinterpreted. Plus, by speaking to a client directly, you can point out specific parts of the design so that you both know you’re on the same page.
  5. Schedule in time to be creative. Working creatively takes time and you don’t want to feel rushed. Have a cup of tea, relax and create.