Having a Good Eye for Design

You don’t need to be a designer yourself to have a good eye for design. For many people, design may not be their own forte, but they can immediately tell whether a design works, or where it doesn’t. This is a real skill in itself and can lend itself to various career paths in marketing, production and product or project management. Here are some design check-lists:

  • Is the design engaging? If it is going to draw people in and attract attention to it, your most fundamental problems has been solved.
  • Is it consistent? Your design will need to look sleek and professional. The only way to do this is to hire a professional, but it will be completely worth it. Keep the design consistent throughout so you represent your brand well.
  • Does it have clarity? Ask yourself whether the important messages are clear enough. If they’re not, make them stand out.
  • Is it concise? Long, rambling sentences will lose a reader. They then lose confidence in your as a seller.
  • Will it serve its purpose and do its job? To answer this question, you will need to draw on what you know from a number of other fields. Think about it in terms of marketing and PR. Put yourself in a potential customer’s shoes and ask yourself whether you would buy the item that is being sold.