Designing a Successful Business Card

Making sure you have the right design for your business cards is integral to their success. If the card is well laid out and flows properly, it is far more likely to achieve success for you. Here are some of the key things to think about when putting together your business card design:

1. Consider your concept. How do you want your business to be portrayed? What information do you want to get across? Whilst a small source of information, your business card should reflect you company and get across the important aspects of what it does.
2. Maintain consistency with your brand. Use the colours and fonts which your business uses elsewhere in its branding. This will ensure you’re easily recognisable as a part of your organisation.
3. Make sure everything is legible. This might sound obvious, but people won’t make the effort to read something which isn’t immediately clear.
4. Design a clear layout. Ensure all of the necessary details are listed and put your logo in a prominent position.
5. Choose the right material. Business cards can be printed on a number of different materials and can use different finishes. Choose the most appropriate one for you based on look, feel and price.

A business card may be small, but if makes use of high quality graphic design, it can be very powerful.