Creating an Effective Logo

Every good business needs a good logo. It will make your business recognisable and distinctive in a market which is saturated by advertising, so it’s important that you get your logo just right. You need something which looks good enough to be displayed anywhere and everywhere – this is how you achieve brand recognition. There are a number of considerations which you should take into account to make sure your logo design is a success:

1. Keep it simple. If a logo is too complicated, it will confuse the sense and will make people disinterested rather than drawing them in.
2. Reflect your brand. Use colours, ideas and themes which are related to your business and your products.
3. Ensure versatility. Your logo will appear in lots of different situations and guises, and it has to look good in all of them.
4. Use colour creatively. Different colours will paint your brand in a different light. Think about the connotations of each of them.
5. Don’t design anything which will age too quickly. The more simple it is, the more timeless it will be. The last thing you want is to have to rebrand in a few years’ time because your logo now looks old fashioned.