Consistency: Why It’s So Important in Design

Whatever it is that you’re designing, you have to be consistent. Whether it’s a piece of graphic design, a mobile app or a website, it’s going to look messy and the flow will be disrupted if it isn’t consistent. In order to create a positive impression of your brand, you want everything which you produce to be neat, tidy and professional in appearance. Consistency is one of the most important ways to achieve this.

Brand consistency is important across multiple platforms for the sake of ensuring brand recognition – designs associated with you should be recognisable as being linked to your company straight away. If people are able to instantly identify your brand from your advertising and design work, you’ve succeeded in creating something which reflects you and which will stay in the forefront of a customer’s mind. This is an important step in securing loyal returning customers who will become good brand advocates over time.

It’s also important to ensure that consistency is maintained across individual platforms. A website needs to be consistent to improve the user interface and create a positive customer journey. It will help to make your site seem easy to navigate and logical. On the internet, it’s all too easy for a user to leave if their experience is made difficult in any way, so it’s important to ensure that they will find their way around your website easily. You can use colours, typography, images, logos, intuitive layouts and many other devices to ensure that your site has a sense of consistency and is user-friendly in its execution.